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EN1263-1 Safety Nets

20 x 30kn Rigging Ropes
30kn Rigging Ropes

30kn Rigging Ropes

20 x 2.5m long rigging rope 30kn

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30kn Rigging Ropes
30kn Rigging Ropes

20 x 30kn Rigging Ropes: 12mm x 2.5m in white with PVC heat sealed one end.
Breaking strength: 3000 kg – 3 strand hawser lay.

The nets will be installed at the anchor points by tie ropes capable of resisting the characteristic 30kn load.  The distance between the anchor points must be less than 2.5m.   When rigging en1263-1 safety nets to portal building use 30kn tie ropes to tie off to the border of the safety and tie off to the steel no more than 250cm apart.  This is a recommendation by FASET the fall arrest safety net association.  FASET also recommend using a FASET trained certificated safety net installer/rigger.

Weight 10 kg


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