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Branded Temporary Heras Fence Covers | Lion Trading GB Ltd
Branded Temporary Heras Fence Covers PVC
PVC mesh

Branded Temporary Heras Fence Covers

Branded Heras Fence PVC Mesh complete with eyelets for fixing to heras fence.



Branded Temporary Heras Fence Covers

When you are covering up a temporary construction site or a residential project that is underway, make use of our Heras fencing covers. They are made of knitted PVC Mesh and do not contain any harmful materials like fillers and lead. They offer a high degree of privacy while allowing steady and excellent airflow. Apart from the regular offering of privacy, our Heras fencing covers also protect your residence from those lurking around the homes with a wicked intention. Hence, you get the best of privacy and protection.  Contact us directly or via the inquiry form. 

You can easily install these Heras fence covering thanks to the strategically placed eyelets, which will help fasten these covers to the fence. A standard-sized Heras fence measures 3.375m in width and 1.780m in height. You may also get a Heras fence temporary covering customized to your preferred size. Not just that, you may also get personalized messages and artwork printed on these Heras fence nets. Using this smart trick, you can promote your business while your team works at the site. These temporary fence nets are also useful when it comes to grabbing strategically located spots for advertisement purposes. 

PVC Mesh 300g B1 Fire Rated
Mesh complete with eyelets for fixing to Heras fence.
Standard Heras fence size: 3.375m wide x 1.780m high
Bespoke size on request 
Fit the Heras fence as per the photo

Branded fence cover

Weight 3 kg


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