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Sandbag Filler 2 Chute

Sandbag Filler 2 Chute



Description: Before using the 2-chute sandbag filler, make sure the ground is compact, firm and level. This will help the stability of the 2-chute sandbag filler and keep the flow of sand evan. This sandbag filler system is used to fill 2 sandbags simultaneously. To achieve maximum output, it requires two people to fill the sandbags and one person to operate the loading of the sand into the hopper, and also to poke and agitate the sand to achieve maximum flow. The 2 people filling the bags should stay clear while the hopper is being filled with sand. The hopper works best if kept (half full at all times). The gravity fed hopper will achieve 400 to 500 bags per hour if the correct  manpower is used. The operators filling the bags, presses the foot pedal down allowing the sand to run down the chutes in to the bags and by taking the foot of the pedal it will stop the flow of sand. (Use dry sand for best flow). To access the hopper use (Podium steps or an appropriate mobile platform) when agitating the sand.



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