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Natural Biodegradable Eco Friendly

Natural Biodegradable Eco friendly
Natural Biodegradable Eco friendly

Natural Biodegradable Eco friendly

Lion Trading GB Ltd stock a wide range of top quality 100% natural ropes, twines and thread.  These products are used for general purposes.  Our natural products are 100% biodegradable from Coconut RopeLinen RopeHemp RopeSisal, and Cotton Rope.

These natural textiles and ropes are super strong.  They are resilient and 100% natural fibers.  Often used for wedding decorations.  Our natural textiles and ropes, especially the hessian jute adapt easily to any shape.  While the hessian fibers prevent it from stretching.  It is this feature that makes it great for sacks as it keeps its original shape even after holding large difficult shaped loads.  Hemp and Linen thread is great for gardeners for tying up plants and flowers.  Also good for crafts and DIY uses.

If you would like help in selecting a suitable rope, please feel free to call us 01405 310004

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  1. Aidan

    Great products and eco friendly


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