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bird control netting

Bird Control Netting 19mm

Bird Netting 19mm square mesh polyethylene Black or Stone color

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bird control netting
bird control netting

Bird Control Netting is high tenacity 12/6 polyethylene square mesh netting UV stabilised 19mm.  to give a life expectancy of 10 years.  Chemically insert and rot proof, breaking strain is approximately 20kg.  Comes in: Black or Stone in made up sizes.  Other sizes please contact us.  

Bird control discover a Range of Bird control netting and More.  Order today and prevent birds from landing and nesting.  Stop the birds from entering around your property with our bird deterrent nets.  Bird Nets come in made up sizes or bespoke made up sizes.

Bird Control Netting 19mm for birds – Stop Birds Landing or roosting on your property by using bird control netting.

Weight 1.5 kg

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