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Tarpaulins / Polythene

Clear Tarpaulin 100% waterproof
| Lion Trading GB Ltd
| Lion Trading GB Ltd
Clear tarpaulin sheet
Clear tarpaulin sheet

Clear tarpaulin sheet

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 New Translucent Tarpaulins 120 gsm equivalent to 250 gsm  

£6.50£80.00 exc. Vat

Tarp Size

Clear Tarpaulin 100% waterproof
Clear Tarpaulin 100% waterproof

Clear Tarpaulins 100% waterproof

Lion Trading GB Ltd heavy-duty tarpaulin, look no further see our New 120gsm Translucent tarpaulins.  A unique manufacturing process means they are more than twice the strength of an equivalent poly tarpaulin, which means the 120gsm is equivalent to 250gsm Material and acts more like a 250gsm Tarpaulin without the weight.  They can be used where the heavier tarpaulins would create a problem. 

  • Multi-layer
  • Multi-axis ordinated
  •  X cross-laminated
  • Non-toxic
  • Food grade

Our tarpaulin comprises biaxial oriented layers of plastic film bedded to one another in the machine operating direction, transverse and angular axis all together in 16 directions bonded by cold roll techniques. Tarpaulin has exceptional puncture resistance and barrier property, cutting-edge manufacturing technology delivers a superior product that does not peel off, shred, crack or cause leaks easily. Extremely lightweight but stronger.


Exceptionally strong co-extruded cross-laminated film manufactured through an innovative process. The higher performance with a lighter gauge offers significant savings in material cost

UV resistance:

Has the ability to absorb UV radiation and dissipate the energy as low-level heat, thus withstanding the pressure to crack or disintegrate under continuous exposure to sunlight.

Waterproof: Clear Tarpaulins 100% waterproof

Has excellent water barrier property, moisture resistance and retains 100% strength even when wet. Staple/stitch-free joints make it 100% waterproof.




Weight 2 kg
Tarp Size

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1 review for Clear tarpaulin sheet

  1. Marc

    Arrived very quick, items are way better than I was hoping. Happy, happy happy!

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