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Fluorescent rope 100% Polyester double braided

Fluorescent Rope Yellow – Black fleck 15m x 6mm,8mm,10mm or 12mm

£6.45£21.12 exc. Vat

Rope Dia


Double Braided Fluorescent Rope 

This 100% polyester double braided rope is UV protected has low elongation, friction resistance and resistant to most chemicals and acids along with it’s highly visible colour makes this rope ideal for use outdoors whether it’s pulley/control lines, guide rope or marine application.

Composite: 100% high tenacity braided polyester outer cover braided core.
Features: Soft and flexible fiber with great tensile strength and abrasion resistance gives this rope excellent stretch recovery and buoyancy perfect for marine use.
Applications: Signalling, Marine, Control lines, Playgrounds, Gymnastic, Camping, Decoration, Crafts, Works with pulleys, Traction, Navigation.

Resistance/Breaking Load:

6mm = 770kg

8mm = 1000kg

10mm = 1100kg

12mm = 1350kg

Weight 2 kg
Rope Dia

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