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Fluorescent rope 100% Polyester double braided

Fluorescent Rope Yellow – Black fleck 15m x 6mm,8mm,10mm or 12mm

£7.00£22.50 exc. Vat

Rope Dia


Double Braided Fluorescent Rope 

This 100% polyester double braided rope is UV protected has low elongation, friction-resistant, and resistant to most chemicals and acids along with its highly visible color makes this rope ideal for use outdoors whether it’s pulley/control lines, guide rope, or marine application.

Composite: 100% high tenacity braided polyester outer cover braided core.
Features: Soft and flexible fiber with great tensile strength and abrasion resistance gives this rope excellent stretch recovery and buoyancy perfect for marine use.
Applications: Signalling, Marine, Control lines, Playgrounds, Gymnastic, Camping, Decoration, Crafts, Works with pulleys, Traction, Navigation.

Resistance/Breaking Load:

6mm = 770kg

8mm = 1000kg

12mm = 1350kg

Weight 2 kg
Rope Dia

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