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Euro box full size (Hexagonal mesh)

Euro Box Full Size Hexagonal Mesh (PAIR) White or coloured Vertical Stripes


£165.00£170.00 exc. Vat

Colour Stripes

Football 11s full size nets in Hexagonal mesh Euro box
Football 11s full-size nets in Hexagonal mesh Euro box

Hexagonal mesh Full Size Euro Box nets produced by Rombull Ronets Spain, Knotless PP 4mm x 120mm hexagonal same used in Euro Cup 2020. Designed for use on a full size 24 x 8 football stadium box goals that have net support stanchions, the coloured football nets will add a professional touch to your goal. Made from incredibly braided twine these nets will form the foundations of your setup for seasons to come.

  • Official regulation full size 24ft x 8ft football goals nets for stadium box goals with net support stanchions
  • All the nets are supplied as a PAIR ONLY allowing you to kit out both of your match-day goals
  • Manufactured from 4mm thick braided twine woven in an interlinking manner for enhanced strength
  • 100% weatherproof football nets which are UV stabilized for protection against rain or shine

These premium match-day football goal nets have been expertly designed with durability in mind. The 4mm thick braided twine football netting features an interlocking weaving which provides superior strength and longevity for seasons worth of use. Specifically tailored for use with stadium football goals that have back stanchions, these premium goal nets are perfect for clubs who are looking to add a touch of class on the pitch.  Due to the weatherproof design, these high-quality striped football goal nets will perform at their peak throughout the year. UV stabilized for protection against the sun’s rays, the pristine nature of these professional football nets will remain intact whatever the weather.



  • Full-size net for 24 x 8 football goals
  • Nets have a bottom depth of 6ft (1.8m)
  • Mesh of nets meets regulation 5in size
  • Hexagonal Mesh


  • 4mm thick braided twine
  • Braided twine is woven in an interlinking fashion to make it even stronger than standard netting


  • Nets are only suitable for full-size box goals with football net support stanchions
  • Quantity – 2 nets (supplied only as a pair)

Available colours:

  • Blue/white
  • Red/white
  • Black/white
  • Yellow/black
  • All white

Please select the net colour from the drop-down box. Lion Trading offers a wide range of Football Net not all on the web-site contact us for other styles and variation.



Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 40 cm
Colour Stripes

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