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Sisal Rope

sisal string 3 pack
sisal 3mm
sisal 2.3mm
sisla 3mm

Sisal Natural Fibre String

Natural 100% Sisal Fiber String / Rope

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Sisal string
Sisal string

Sisal Natural Fibre string

It is suitable for use with parcels and is also widely used by many for handicraft projects. These Twines are very traditional in appearance. Uses of this untreated string vary from upholstery, garden twine, baling, parcel tying, and for the use of clothing/swing tags.

Composite: 100% natural Sisal fibers

Features: Biodegradable, excellent knotting properties, no elasticity.

Applications: Decoration, Textile industries, Fishing, and agriculture.


  • 2mm x 19m
  • 2.3mm x 29m
  • 3mm x 19m


Weight 1.5 kg

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