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Haylage Feeder Slow feed Hay Nets

4mm x 30mm mesh
Envelope hay net

Slow Feed Envelope Hay Net

Slow feeder Video   100cm wide x 90cm deep

Envelope hay net

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4mm x 30mm mesh

Slow Feed Envelope Hay Net 10kg hay capacity

The slow feed Hay Nets simulates the natural way the horse or pony eats, by slow feeding, they protect the stomach.  This will avoid possible digestive problems such as ulcers and cramps.  It will reduce your horse’s boredom and stress, by eating longer.  The horse stays entertained and reduces its anxiety, nervousness, and stress.  All our slow feeder hay nets are manufactured from 4mm x 30mm polypropylene knot-less netting.  Slow Feeding is a revolutionary new way to feed your horse. It is based on the fact that animals eat slowly for long periods of time. Achieving significant benefits for both the owner and the horse.  We don’t advise soaking with this product. The netting is waterproof, but the nature of the weave may retain water and harbor bacteria as a result. If you do use this net for soaking, we recommend regular washing with a high-pressure hosepipe. 

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