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Slow Feeder Hay Nets

slow feeder hay net

Now in stock, slow feeder hay nets made from soft knotless polypropylene mesh 4mm x 30mm.

You should not understand slow feeding as a way to hinder fast feeding but to favour slow feeding.  We seek to increase the time that food intake lasts, thus reducing stress.  Think that the idea is to feed the animal more slowly, healthier and with greater enjoyment.


Slow Feeding is a revolutionary new way to feed your horse. It is based on the fact that animals eat slowly for long periods of time.  Lion Trading’s hay nets simulate the way horses eat freely, achieving important benefits for both the owner and the horse.


Greater Cleaning and Hygiene: Prevent the accumulation of dust and spores, harmful to your respiratory system.  Better Organization: Its fodder is not spread across the ground.  Time Saver: Fill once and forget until the next refilling.  Reduction of the cost in Hay: You use less hay and you manage to regulate its weight.  Better Digestions: You give him the same food for a longer time, respect his metabolism, reduce the appearance of colic.  Improvement in horse behavior: You reduce the time you are doing nothing, less boredom, less anxiety, less stress.  All Lion Trading’s hay nets are manufactured directly from Rombull Ronets who produce the finest knotless nets on the market.

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  1. Jo Moss

    Do you do a slow feeder round bale net.? If so what sizes and size of holes please.


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