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EN1263-1 Safety nets

en1263-1 safety nets

en1263-1 safety netsEN1263-1 Safety nets 

Our man safe safety nets all comply with EN 1263-1 and can be manufactured to custom sizes and colour. From our Doncaster based warehouse, we can supply you with a large range of standard sizes. All our EN1263-1 safety nets are manufacture from knotless High Tenacity Knotless polypropylene Class A2. For Positioning of the safety netting, the installation system for the en1263-1 System type S safety nets can be different depending on the dimensions and the areas where they are to be installed. The nets will be installed at the anchor points by tie ropes capable of resisting the characteristic 30kn load. The distance between the anchor points must be less than 2.5m. If various nets are used, extend the nets on the floor. You can lace the nets together using joining rope ensuring there are no gaps of more than 100mm. In mezzanine floor buildings you can use claw hooks to fix the net to the steel beam of the floor. The net claw / Lion hooks should be made of sprung zinc-coated steel and positioned no more than every 150cm. When rigging en1263-1 safety nets to portal building use 30kn tie ropes to tie off to the border of the safety and tie off to the steel no more than 250cm apart. This is a recommendation by FASET the fall arrest safety net association. FASET also recommends using a FASET trained certificated safety net installer/rigger.

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