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Knotless netting

Knotless Polypropylene Green colour nets


Available mesh thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm

Available mesh squares: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm,100mm and 120mm

Made to measure sizes including sewn border edges.


Green knotless nets
Green knotless netting

Green Polypropylene Knotless Netting

We are stocked with Polypropylene Netting (or PP Netting) that is suited for all occasions. The knotless polypropylene netting is assiduously interwoven without the involvement of any knots. These nets are strong and durable; and they are sold in the measurement provided by our customers.  These polypropylene nets are your best bet if you are looking for safety netting. Due to their softness, it is unlikely that these nets will cause any cuts or snags on your sensitive skin, which is very common in knotted nets of other materials. You can choose the net size from our range of  meshes.  We offer 6 commonly occurring colour options. The newest colour added to our range includes Beige or Sand. You can order netting in the size of your requirement.  From trampolines to bouncy castles to any indoor playing area, our modern and advanced safety knotless polypropylene netting will offer security to kids and adults alike.  These polypropylene netting are sold in square cut. However, you can contact us if you are looking for sewn salvaged edges and we can offer that too. We normally take 10 / 14 working days to deliver your products.


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