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Lion Hook Safety Net Claws

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Lion Hook 50mm Large Jaw

Box of 50 Lion Hooks large 50mm Jaw

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Lion Hook over-size 50mm Jaw
Lion Hook safety net hanger

Lion Hooks Large 50mm Jaw.

The Lion Hook is a FASET approved safety net rigging claw designed to allow the erection of EN1263-1 type S safety nets to the requirements of EN1263-2, suspended directly from the steel frame as close as possible below the working level.  The Lion Hook safety net claw can be attached to the steel beam using the 2.5m applicator pole. This means the safety net can be erected from below, removing the risks associated with working from ladders, towers or platforms particularly at the building edge and internal openings.

The Lion Hook is ideal for Mezzanine Floors, Metal Decking but can be used on most I beam steel structure. Using the Lion Hook you can reduce the use of tie ropes when installing your safety nets. A novice installer can install safety nets like a pro and the more experienced installer will be able to install a safety net solely with the Lion Hook no ropes needed.

The LION HOOK and applicator have been designed to allow the installation of type S safety nets to the requirements of EN1263-2 and Conforms to BS/EN 1263-1/2 dynamic load requirements.

Please note: 50mm Jaw is to be used on steel minimum of 35 mm up to 50mm thick.

Weight 15 kg


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