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Twisted Ropes

Polyamide ISO 1140 Double Twisted Rope

Polyamide ISO 1140 Double Twisted Rope

Double twisted polyamide UV protection cabled rope

£75.00£85.00 exc. Vat



Polyamide ISO 1140 Double Twisted Rope

Available in 10mm or 12mm x 100m coils the ISO 1140 Double Twisted cabled rope is soft and flexible with a high breaking strength, resistant to acids, doesn’t easily cut made for outdoor use this rope is UV protected and manufactured to a very high grade.


Double twisted cable rope, high tenacity polyamide UV protection.


Soft and flexible fiber, excellent tensile strength, and friction.


Ideal for load lifting and use with pulleys, Moorage and marine usage, fishing, mining, construction, and any other application where high quality and strength is required.

 Resistance/breaking strength

10mm = 2000kg/20kn

12mm = 3000kg/30kn

Weight per 100m:

10mm = 7.50kg

12mm = 8.60kg

Weight 8 kg



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