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Twisted Ropes

Sisal natural fibre rope

Sisal natural fibre rope

*Sold per linear meter*  :4 strand cabled sisal rope 12mm 14mm 16mm and 18mm

Natural fiber, biodegradable, great resistance and knot security with no elasticity.

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Sisal natural fibre ropeSisal is a natural fiber rope of 4 strands twisted construction which is strong with good resistance to sunlight with low elongation.

Popular in gardens as a decking rope or for supporting plants. Ideal for use with pets and animals.


4 strand twisted cabled Sisal rope.


Biodegradable natural fiber with great resistance and knot security it is hard to cut and has low elasticity.


Multiple-use in agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry, commerce, industry, transport, trailer, crafts, DIY, decorations, and food.

Resistance/breaking strength:

12mm = 936kg

14mm = 1,260kg

16mm = 1,770kg

18mm = 2,100kg


Weight 10 kg
Rope Dia

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