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Steel wire rope
Steel wire rope 2x30m
Steel wire rope 2x10m
Steel wire rope 3x10m
Steel wire rope 3x10m
Steel wire rope 3x20m
Steel wire rope 4x10m
Steel wire rope 4x20m
Steel wire rope 4x20m

Steel wire rope

Coils in either 2mm, 3mm or 4mm

£7.10£22.45 exc. Vat

Rope Dia


Steel Wire Rope

Steel wire rope galvanized 6 braids each with 7 strands(6×7 FE).  High load capacity and resistance to abrasion. Construction general purpose wire rope ideal for use when hanging ball stop nets, shade sails and tarpaulins among many other uses.


Wire rope is more commonly referred to as FE (fibre core) or SEL (steel core), our wire rope is 6×7 FE fibre core which consists of 6 braids each made of 7 strands totaling 42 wires.  Sold in 2m, 3mm and 4mm diameter and 10m, 20m and 30m in length.

Other options available i.e. diameter, length, braid, core and coating contact us direct for more info.

Weight 1 kg
Rope Dia

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